Our Homeschooling is a testing ground for a bigger vision !

We provide our joyful children with a rich and stimulating learning environment.

We focus on skills to thrive as compassionate, conscious, creative humans. 

We foster in them the power to make a difference.

The nuclear team consists of my sister and I, however the extended team is made up of
husbands, tutors, teachers of various courses, friends of children and parents, 
and in reality - the whole world!

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In 2017, my sister and I started homeschooling my daughter who was a 1st grader and my nephew who was in the 3rd-grade. 
After completing a 3-year-long theoretical preparation by researching on World Pedagogy I finally began the practical part of the alternative education (read the whole story
here ). And it worked wonders! I had quite an ambitious vision but the results have exceeded my expectations.
As with most of the parents who homeschool, I find "homeschooling" an inaccurate term. We have no "school" at home and children learn not only at home but literally everywhere: at various courses, in museums, at community events, in science labs, in nature... 

Getting curious? Want to join? My next step - creating a new "school" - a learning space for kids and adults in the same spirit.
I invite you to find out more here.


Education Visionary  and Mother
  first year 2016/2017                                                                            second year 2017/2018
The first homeschooling year curriculum consisted of the same subjects for both children – Malini was a 1st grader and Elias was a 3rd grader, taught respectively by their age program.

Our studies were bilingual – Russian/German.
We covered the standard Austrian Curriculum with German, English and Mathimatics, as well as “General Studies” aka “Elementary social studies and science”: Community, Nature, Space, Time, Technology,and Economy – obviously on a very basic level.

The second part of curriculum consisted of my belief in Evolutonary Biology and World History as the basis for a deeper, holistic understanding of the world. The children started their homeschooling experiences by delving into a vast and fascinating past of the earth and humanity:
*World History (8 Major Civilizations from Ancient times until today)
*Evolutionary Biology, Living Nature 
*some History of Arts
*World-Ethics and Religons (the essence of major religions and enlightened masters) 
*Arts&Crafts in English
*Hindi Language

These were subjects we studied “in-house”, and for the outside learning experiences we often visited museums and nature.
The children attended several external group courses: 
*Visual Arts and Painting,
*Dance (Elias – Folk Dance, Malini – Indian classical dance Kathak)
*Musical Theater (singing, acting, dancing).

Timetable? No, The Flow of Learning

Our homeschooling may seem like a school, but it's really quite different! Our schedule is very flexible, children play a lot, meet up with their friends, visit interesting places, and enjoy plenty of freedom and creativity. They “process” the received information whenever they feel like doing it in forms of drawings, handicrafts, games, philosophical discussions, making of videos, theater, songs, etc. In terms of time it takes a whole day - from 10 am to 10 pm. The continuous process of learning, reflecting on what was learned, and making something out of it takes a lot of time! Isn't it a wonderful way to live and study?